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Seventeen Thoughts On Marcus Smart, James Young, The Stand-Pat Celtics …

2. Considering we never approaching Embiid to tumble all a approach to No. 6, during slightest yet rumors that his injuries and ailments also enclosed being blind in one eye or wanting Tommy John medicine or something. But we got my hopes adult adequate that when Philly took him — usually as we figured — we still reacted in a approach usually Zach LaVine competence appreciate. The frustrating thing is that when he earnings to health and develops into a game-changing center, we won’t be means to omit it given he’s in in a same division. (The Sixers, who also combined Dario Saric, had a breeze I’d hoped a Celtics would.) That Embiid/Nerlens Noel tandem won’t be Hakeem Olajuwon/Ralph Sampson, yet it is one to enviousness going forward. And we’re going to have to watch it occur from tighten range.

3. To put it another way, What Bob Said:

4. The idea that Rajon Rondo and Marcus Smart can’t play together is silly. Rondo can play with anyone — he’s a pass-first indicate guard. Even if Smart can’t fire yet, he’s going to have value defensively and make an impact with his sundry skill-set. If he reaches his roof he could finish adult reminding us of Joe Dumars someday.

5. Of course, I’m not genuine adequate to trust that Rondo and Smart will play together. Unless a Celtics still consider a understanding for Love or another determined star is attainable, it creates tiny clarity to keep Rondo around in a agreement year when a reconstruct is obvious. I’ve desired examination a male play here — yeah, he’s enigmatic, yet he’s such a singular talent that a frustrations are simply suffered. But we can also acknowledge it’s time to pierce on if a full reconstruct unequivocally is a track Danny Ainge is taking.

6.You know when Celtics fans will come around on Marcus Smart if they don’t like him right now? When he buries Dwyane Wade into a parquet during some indicate subsequent deteriorate when Wade tries flopping like an titular Ronaldo. Now that is something he has in common with Rondo — he won’t behind down from anyone.

7. we suspect it does feel like a worst-case unfolding formed on a heightened expectations of what happened. Even Aaron Gordon, a reputed fallback devise if Embiid wasn’t there and a Kevin Love trade didn’t materialize, was off a house to Orlando dual picks before a Celtics were on a clock. Did anyone have Gordon going to Orlando? The doctrine here: Mock drafts are good fun, and we shouldn’t trust a word of them. It’s all misdirection.

8. Once Gordon was picked, we was anticipating Dante Exum would trip one some-more collect to a Celtics. (Ainge probably would have taken him over Smart, right?) But a Jazz, who apparently couldn’t find a 7-foot Adam Keefe lookalike from a West Coast Conference to their fondness this year, busted that plan. From a Basketball Science Experiment angle, we would have favourite to have seen Exum finish adult in Orlando alongside associate multi-skilled ensure Victor Oladipo.

9. Of course, Exum stays maybe a primary poser of a tip half of a breeze given he hasn’t faced most top-level competition. We don’t know if he can play — yet we do know what sneakers he’ll be wearing when he does. Thought a adidas/Foot Locker “Live After The Draft” commercials were clever, generally this one:

His degraded mumbling of “I’m a indicate guard” done me giggle out loud.

10. Love a James Young collect during 17. He’s a artistic scorer — aren’t all lefty wings artistic scorers? — who has a essentially sound shot, is decorous around a hoop, plays tough defense, and delivered in Kentucky’s biggest games as a beginner … and he’s usually 18. Had he stayed in school, I’d try to theory he’d have been in line to be a top-five collect subsequent season.

11. Great trade by LeBron James to acquire Shabazz Napier for a Heat. In all seriousness, if Pat Riley believes appropriation LeBron’s concurred favorite college actor competence assistance keep him Miami, they’d improved transparent a register mark for Maverick Carter too, usually in case.

12. we don’t know if a credit goes to America’s Favorite Commissioner, Adam Silver, or some intelligent people he has operative for him. But a preference to have a joining “draft” Isaiah Austin usually a few days after a Baylor big-man had his NBA dream taken from him usually as it was about to turn a existence was a remarkably grand and tone-perfect gesture. And Austin … man, what a decorous kid. The observance of it all reminded me in a tiny approach of a Celtics’ preference to breeze inept former Indiana star brazen Landon Turner in a 10th turn in 1982.

13. I’m on record as observant we favourite Wichita State’s Cleanthony Early as a sleeper in this draft, so we suspect we have to give Phil Jackson begrudging credit for removing him with a 34th pick.

14. we desired a Spurs’ collect of UCLA’s Kyle Anderson to tighten a initial round. He’s flawed, an impossibly bad defender, yet he’s 6-foot-9 and passes improved than anyone in a draft. Yeah, he’ll fit there. The humorous thing, though, is that while he is a good pick, a Spurs have such cachet right now in terms of identifying talent that fits their character that we flattering most would extol any preference they made.

15. we was examination a breeze with my 10-year-old daughter, and when Minnesota took LaVine, she picked adult on it before we did: “Shouldn’t he demeanour happier?” we explained that he looked dissapoint usually given it was an romantic impulse and he was perplexing to reason behind tears of joy. Two muttered disproportion after …

… and LaVine valid this aged male hilariously wrong. Haven’t seen a actor some-more ticked off during his end given Steve Francis wept about carrying to go to Vancouver behind in ’99. The disproportion between his difficulty and LaVine’s is that Vancouver is a ruin of a city. No law to a gossip LaVine is formulation a weekend revisit to Boston to see if he competence like to play here.

16. Thought it was engaging that a Celtics worked out Arizona’s Nick (Nephew of DJ) Johnson before a draft, and we was anticipating Ainge competence trade into a second turn to get a small yet jaunty sharpened guard. Houston took him during No. 42, and we gamble he ends adult as one of several high-quality players selected in a second round.

17. As for today’s Completely Random Basketball Card:


Jabari’s father — he looks some-more like he could be Charlie Villanueva‘s father — and an amusingly isolated talk theme final night. Sonny Parker was a 17th collect in a 1976 NBA Draft, and a Warriors’ second choice. They took a large stoic fella from Centenary during No. 8 and solemnly traded Robert Parish to a Celtics 4 seasons later. Another primary ’80s Celtic went in that draft. Twelve picks after a Warriors took Parker, a Sonics chose Pepperdine guard/live-wire Dennis Johnson.

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